Nursing Essay - How to Write It by Yourself

Conferences have always been an integral part of scientific activity. In the light of recent events, their relevance has only increased - after all, the online format is available. Who knows, maybe the future belongs to this method of communication between scientists. Be that as it may, the nursing essay for the conference do not lose their significance. We will talk about this.

Nursing essay: what is it?

 As they say in the scientific community, the ability to present material is no less significant than the ability to write. Conferences are traditionally regarded as excellent platforms for substantiating the main provisions of scientific work, from term paper to dissertation research.

What helps to convey the main point of the talk? That's right - essay. This is a short, succinct and understandable formulation of the main ideas, concepts and key provisions of scientific work. Nursing essay help to bring together the main provisions of a scientific article, thesis, report and any other material. Such a squeeze - everything in essence, everything in fact.

Objectives in writing:

In addition to the omnipotent and omnipresent argument "why - because", essay are written with a more fully reasoned and understandable purpose:

  • to acquaint the audience with the research results and main ideas, to convince of the significance and importance of the material;
  • reveal the essence of the work;
  • present a short compelling generalization;
  • publish;
  • find a source of funding.

Conference nursing essay are somewhat similar in their functions to a presentation for a thesis. That is, with their help, you can, so to speak, show yourself and promote research.

As the great Robert Kiyosaki said in his book "Rich Dad - Poor Dad" - it is not enough to do something good or even better than everyone else, it is important to present it to the public in the right light. This slogan perfectly suits the conference essay.

Varieties of essay

The classification of this concept (as well as many others in science) depends on the standard chain of "what - where - when". There are a lot of criteria. Here are the main types of essay:

A place. According to this criterion, nursing essay are divided depending on where they will be presented - at seminars or international conferences, on forms or in magazines, or maybe at a school conference?

The author of the work. Essay can be based on their own scientific work or the work of other authors. In the second case, it is required to thoroughly study the second work so as not to spoil the meaning and not violate copyright. In both cases, it is important to have a clear understanding of the problematic and topic - this is the only way to clearly state the essence.

Complexity. Nursing essay can be simple, particularly complex, or average. The latter are considered the most common and consist of a few simple essay.

Presentation style. In relation to essay, it is appropriate to talk about the verbal and nominative structure. In the first case, it is assumed that the essay are a brief scientific description, for which verbal predicates are mainly used. In the second case, essay are a laconic fixation of data, without the use of verbal predicates.

The order of writing. Nursing essay can be written before the creation of a scientific work, and then they serve as a kind of plan. Or such material can already be compiled after the main scientific work is ready. Then this is already the result and generalization of the written work.

Main content. Nursing essay can describe new techniques, contain research results, or describe specific issues. A combination of several types is also a common option.

Nursing essay should be on topic. This means that the author needs to be guided by the format of the conference, to "peep" what and how more experienced colleagues are doing. The "white crow" principle very rarely works in favor, unless, of course, we are talking about exceptional genius

Rules and tips for writing nursing essay

In this matter, the standards are old and boring as the world. Conference nursing essay, like any scientific work, (yes, they are considered to be just that), must correspond to the permanent postulates:

  • Where without her. And the commas must be in place, and the terms used correctly, and the spelling must be flawless. In general, everything is according to the scheme.
  • No plagiarism - otherwise you won't get around problems. That is, we forget the tricks from the "copy-paste" series and write everything ourselves. In addition, you can rarely successfully pick up someone else's essay for a new job.
  • Scientific style. We are not going into the jungle of literary tales. Everything should be decorous, solid and correspond to the status of a scientist. But not a nerd-bore - therefore, no complex verbal structures, heavy and incomprehensible word forms, special terminology and "argumentative-substantiated-factual" set of letters.

The rules depend on what essay are. If the nursing essay describe problems, the material should consist of the following elements: an introductory part, goal and objectives, a literature review, own author's thoughts, scenarios for the development of a problem, results and evaluation of results.

If the essay are devoted to a new methodology, they indicate goals and objectives, describe the methodology, conduct an analysis and review, describe the scope of application, set out a real assessment of the advantages and disadvantages, draw conclusions.

Content essay are a description of the research results. Then the approximate structure includes the following blocks: introduction with relevance, goals, applied methodology, data and calculations, intermediate results, main results, final analysis.

The main advisor in the writing of nursing essay is nursing paper writing service or the organizing committee. If you are participating in a conference for the first time or have little experience, it is he who will help, prompt, tell. And also, for general development, check out the collections of conference nursing essay of the same format. Will not be superfluous

Rules for preparing conference nursing essay

Special attention should be paid to the design. The rules are issued or published by the organizing committee of the conference. For obvious reasons, they may differ, so do not risk doing something "by chance" and do not use outdated data.

Why are the organizers so picky? In our science, the form is still of great importance, and any deviations from the norm become the cause of missed deadlines, delayed typesetting and, as a result, untimely release of the collection. Do you need it? That's the same.

In some cases, annotation may be required. See specific requirements. The recommended volume is always indicated, and you need to fit into it. The conference has its own rules, so too little text and too much material is equally undesirable.