The Pros and Cons of the Six Month Smile Dental Treatment

Are your teeth misaligned or crooked? Have you considered orthodontics or straightening treatment? Does your dental arrangement leave you feeling less confident than you know you can be?

Well, if wearing braces on a daily basis puts you off, then you may want to consider the six_month smile solution.

Our teeth play a major role in boosting our level of confidence. They affect the way we smile and people whose teeth are straight can afford a wide, bright smile. But that’s not the case for those whose teeth are not straight; thankfully, there’s the option of undergoing low-pressure straightening procedures.

What is the Six Month Smile Solution?

Six month smile is an orthodontic treatment that guarantees quick, pain-free, and safe straightening procedures. It is a revolutionary technology that reduces the time it takes to have a straight set of teeth from 2 years to 6 months.

The technique is also known as short-term orthodontics. It utilizes attachments and wires that help to hasten the process and safely align the teeth into the normal position.

Why You Should Choose Six Month Smile Technique

People may be discouraged when seeking orthodontic treatments because of the time needed to complete it, and the idea of having a wire in the mouth. If you are wearing a traditional wire brace, it will take approximately 2 years to move the misaligned or crooked teeth to the actual position.

But with six month smile, you will get a quick and reliable solution. So, in about 6 months, you will have straight and healthy teeth with a beautiful smile.

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The Pros of Six Month Smile

The pros of the technique are:

1. Fast Treatment

One of the major advantages of this technique is that it takes about 6 months to complete treatment. A long-term orthodontic procedure may straighten the teeth, but it will take a long time, about twelve to eighteen months. However, six month smile offers a fast treatment option because it will only straighten the front row.

2. The Brackets Are Discreet

The technique uses wires that are tooth-colored and clear brackets. They blend well with the teeth and become inconspicuous. Many people choose clear braces and they are good for long and short-term orthodontic procedures.

3. Affordable Treatment

The cost of this option reflects the speed that it offers. However, it is a cheaper option compared with the long-term orthodontic procedure. The cost covers the brace, the treatment duration, and the fees of the dentist.

Before undergoing treatment, it will be better to compare the fees charged by different providers. You should also find out what the technique includes.

The Cons of Six Month Smile

The cons of the technique are:

  1. The braces are just the common clear braces. However, an orthodontist can actually access a newer, top-notch material, technology, and smart treatment options.
  2. The technique offers a 6-month solution because it takes care of only your cosmetic concerns. It moves only your front teeth into proper alignment.
  3. It does not fix the way you bite, that is, how the lower and upper teeth appear together. It does not also fix your jaw alignment. And adjusting the position of the front row can make things worse and result in problems with speaking and chewing. It may also lead to permanent or unwanted facial changes which may require extensive treatments later.
  4. The cost of the procedure is not much different from the long-term orthodontic procedure. Because you are wearing only braces for 6 months and adjusting the position of the front row, the price may be a bit less.
  5. The treatment option is for people who are 16 years and above.
  6. One of the major drawbacks of this technique is that some people are not told the limitations of using the brace. As a result, they have very high expectations. In this case, they will have to undergo the treatment again and this is not only time-consuming but expensive. That is why the healthcare provider needs to inform the patients to ensure that they know all available options before deciding on which treatment to pursue.

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Straightening a misaligned bite is a complex procedure. Ensure you weigh the benefits before opting for a 6-month plan.