Give Your Health A Tune Up

Have you found yourself enjoying your couch with increased frequency? As the colder weather sets in, people tend to fall off the exercise wagon and grab the holiday treats. Our cars need annual tune ups to stay in top operating condition. Taking advantage of the awesome savings offered Groupon coupons and head to for car parts & accessories. Where do you go for a health tune up? Some people schedule an appointment with a personal trainer and others head to a nutritionist to get back on track. Both are excellent choices. If you don’t have the resources to see a nutritionist or trainer, follow these suggestions from the professionals for a healthy tune up that will get you back on track.

Three key components need to be addressed to develop a strong mind and body. The tired expression of you are what you eat is so very true. Do you lack energy and motivation? Take a look inside your pantry and refrigerator. Commit to getting rid of sugary snacks, processed food and excess soda. These are truly health killers. Our bodies are not designed to consume and process excess sugar. It causes huge mood swings and spikes in energy levels. Excess sodium causes bloating and inflammation. You’ll experience a huge change in your body in as little as one week after forgoing excess sugar and sodium. Fast food is loaded with excess sodium.

You don’t have to join a gym to enjoy the benefits of exercise. Just get off the couch and start walking. It’s very true that sitting for long periods of time can be just as damaging to the body as smoking. Select an activity that you enjoy. Gardening, housekeeping, walking and kayaking are all forms of exercise that increase the heart rate, build muscle and increase flexibility. Commit to enjoying one of these activities for at least thirty minutes a day. Enlist a friend to join you, download a book on audible or jam to your favorite music. The key is finding any activity you enjoy. This increases your chances of creating a healthy, lifelong habit. Good luck to you!