Reducing Health Risks Among Seniors with the Personal Alert Systems

In the past few years, there has already been a significant rise in the population of geriatric patients across the world. This is evident especially in most developing countries. The elderly are always considered to be at high risk for health problems and diseases. In fact, they are prone to developing psychiatric disorders due to the different changes in the function of the brain brought about by age. The possibility of experiencing health problems is also increased especially when the elderly experiences great amount of stress. Aside from encountering mental illnesses and diseases, geriatric individuals are also prone to injuries. With their decreased coordination and motor function, a lot of elderly people face accidents even when they are at home. These unfortunate instances can lead to something serious or fatal since most geriatric individuals live alone at their home, without any help or assistance.  Fortunately, there are already gadgets and medical devices that can help in the situation of the elderly. One of these is none other than personal alert systems.

The Condition of the Geriatric Patients

Nowadays, there are already more than 300,000 seniors who are found deceased or helpless in their homes after suffering a fall or an accident. This problem is due to the fact that most of them live alone without any support from a helper. This prevents them to call for help thus preventing them from getting the immediate medical attention that they need. Nowadays, falls is considered to be the number one leading cause of injury among people aged 65 years old and above. In fact, almost one third of the entire geriatric population in the United States experience injuries caused by a fall.

Despite the weakening body reflexes and physical ability of older adults, most of them are left by their families or relatives living alone at home. This is the reason why the risk in experiencing health problems and trauma is very high. However, the use of an alert system has already helped save a lot of lives. People living alone, including those with disabilities, can already call for help with just a simple touch or a button. In other words, medical monitoring and service is made available for the seniors round the clock. This also means that home health security is constantly provided without taking away the independence of the elder individuals. Most of these devices can be worn around the wrist or can be hung like a necklace so that it would be easier for the user to call for help whenever it is needed.

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