Top 5 Health and Fitness Tips for Teens

Starting a safe health and fitness routine at an early age can set you up for a lifetime of healthy living practices and routines that will serve you well throughout your lifetime. When starting a health and fitness plan it is important that you do so safely, consistently and correctly to see the best results and to protect your body.

  1. Motivate yourself. Sometimes the most difficult part about starting a health and fitness routine is committing to a regular schedule. It is important that you set realistic goals for yourself and then stick to them! If you are working on eating healthier, make it easier for yourself by finding yummy foods you like. Reward yourself for your dedication by treating yourself every so often so that you are not completely deprived. In regard to working out, set a consistent, manageable schedule that works with your daily routine. Set up rewards systems for this as well such as buying yourself a new outfit when you are able to achieve a specific fitness goal.
  2. Make health and fitness a social thing. Getting a friend or family member on board with you and your fitness goals can make all the difference. When someone else is pushing you and relying on your support, you are much more likely to succeed with your goals. Try exercising with this friend or preparing meals together to help keep each other motivated and on track. It is much easier to get up off the couch and go to the gym when a friend is expecting you there and much easier to skip out when you don’t have any accountability.
  3. Develop an aerobic fitness practice early on. Aerobic, physical activity will get your heart pumping and get your body moving. Aerobic work can be anything from a brisk walk or jog, to a cardio kick boxing class, to playing in a sports game. Ideally, work your way up to about an hour of aerobic activity just about every day for the best results. If you aren’t there quite yet, work your way up there and build up your stamina over time. There are so many different aerobic exercise option out there, so try a few until you find something you enjoy and can stick to religiously.
  4. In addition to aerobic exercise, you also need to have a balance of cardio and strength training. Strength training involves light weight lifting that can strengthen not only your muscles, but also your bones. It is, however, important that you don’t overdo it as a teen. Lifting weights too often, or lifting weights that are too heavy, can actually do more harm than good, potentially tearing or damaging muscles and ligaments. Always be careful and aware, and consult a personal trainer for a session or two to make sure you are lifting safely and effectively.
  5. Be smart and safe about your health and fitness. It is never good to go to extremes when it comes to your health so make sure to maintain a healthy, balanced diet that doesn’t focus on depriving yourself of any foods or nutrients. Also keep it safe when it comes to working out. Don’t over do it. If you’ve ever heard the expression “no pain, no gain” disregard this information. Hurting yourself will not help you to be stronger; it will only lead to injuries that may last long term and prevent you from doing the physical activities you love in the future. Always be mindful of your movements in order to keep your body in optimal condition.

All of these health and fitness tips can help you to ensure that you start a smart, effective health and fitness routine as a teen that will lead you into a healthier future for many years to come. For other health and fitness tips, you can read more at where you can learn about other exercise ideas or healthy eating ideas.