Vanquish, The Ultimate Fat Burning Treatment

Are you plagued by stubborn, unwanted fat? For years, diet crazes, supplements, and other such means have promised “quick” and “easy” weight loss, while producing little to no actual results. Liposuction and CoolSculpting procedures are effective, but they can be costly and uncomfortable for the patient. Regular diet and exercise seem to be the only safe and affordable options, but for some even the best efforts fall short in getting rid of those last few pounds. However, with the introduction of Vanquish, a device created by Czech researchers, reliable, painless, and affordable fat loss is within your reach! The surgeons at the American Institute for Plastic Surgery are calling Vanquish, "the biggest fat-loss breakthrough in years, and perhaps of all time."

What is Vanquish? What Does the Procedure Offer?

Vanquish was first presented in March 2013 at the annual conference of the American Academy of Dermatology, where it proved to be an unprecedented, innovative approach to non-invasive fat reduction. The Vanquish device uses radio-frequency waves to heat and completely destroy targeted fat cells without ever coming into contact with your body.

Lab tests have shown that around 60 percent of fat cells targeted by Vanquish die immediately after treatment, and in the weeks that follow. Once the cells have died off, the body flushes them out as waste. To boost the effectiveness of the procedure, patients are advised to drink plenty of water to add volume to the fat cells before each treatment session. In addition, staying hydrated after the procedure will help the body to eliminate the dead fat cells.

Because the device targets fat cells, and not simply the fat contained therein, results are semi-permanent so long as the patient maintains his or her lifestyle habits in the future. No recovery period is necessary after a treatment, which typically costs between $450 to $800 per session. Although needs vary on a case-by-case basis, most patients require four to six session for best results.

How Does Vanquish Compare to Other Fat-Loss Treatments?


Often recognized as the very first fat-loss surgery, liposuction is still highly effective, and it is the best option for removing large amounts of fat at once. However, liposuction is a major surgery, and it can have serious risks as a result. Heavy post-operation bruising is normal, and several weeks of recuperation are necessary for all patients undergoing the surgery. In addition, some patients with certain health conditions will not be allowed to undergo liposuction.


Cryotherapy is a relatively new option in fat loss. It is effective, but it cane be a slow and uncomfortable procedure. Treatment sessions involve freezing individual, small areas of fat in a tedious process, and often multiple sessions are necessary for larger areas.. Some liken the feeling of this particular procedure to frostbite.


In comparison to many other options, Vanquish is a breeze. Patients typically report a warming sensation on the skin during the procedure. After the procedure, patients may notice a slight tenderness, warmth, and slight redness of the skin. No pain medication or recovery period is necessary, and no damage to the skin, muscle, or nerve tissue has been reported. However, Vanquish is currently only used for fat reduction around the core, including the back, abdominal, muffin tops, and love handles.

Considerations for Patients

It is important to understand that Vanquish is not a treatment for obesity, it cannot remove cellulite, and it does not replace drastic fat-loss procedures such as gastric banding or liposuction. Instead, it is an effective procedure for removing stubborn areas of fat that are non-responsive to diet and exercise. Vanquish is ideal for patients who are close to their target weight, and would prefer to avoid major surgery. Radio-frequency technology already has a reputable history for being a safe eliminator of other cell types, but its value for fat loss has only recently been discovered. Vanquish is currently only available on a limited basis nationwide, but with its demonstrated benefits, a fat loss revolution may soon be more readily available.

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