Which Nail Repair Gel Lasts the Longest?

There's one thing that you're going to find above all others in capitalist societies: Options. You want a flat-screen TV? Well, go to a big-box store or shop online, and find dozens upon dozens of brands. Want something quick to eat? You'll be much hungrier by the time you decide on which restaurant you wish to patronize. There are just so many options for everything, including something like a nail treatment ointment. Nail care is a multi-billion-dollar industry, believe it or not, and so you will always be able to find some sort of gel or cream or spray that claims to do things like heal fungus, repair cracks and breaks, and to strengthen your nails. Is it true? Do any of them actually work?

The good news here is that some nail repair gel options are clinically tested and proven to work. You can find some fantastic options at sites like The bad news here is that there are a lot of sub-par products out there. No matter what you end up buying, however, you probably also want to know how long it's going to last you. Nobody wants to have to pick up a new bottle of nail gel every other week. Nail repair is important, but a good treatment should last a while. Well, which actually lasts the longest? Let's find out.

Factors Involved in the Life of Your Gel

The truth of the matter is that it's impossible to tell which product will last the longest. Once you buy it, you're going to use it as sparingly or as liberally as you want, and so there's no real way to say for sure. So, let's look at some of the factors involved in extending the life of your nail repair gel.

How Often it's Used

The first factor to consider here: How often are you using the gel? Once a day and once a week are a world of difference, of course. If you're just going for the occasional dose, then you'll get much more life out of a bottle. Now, considering using it once per day vs. three times per day! You're really looking here at using that supply up pretty quickly. The rate of use for you is likely going to be personal to your problems.

How Much is Used

When you do open up the product and use it, how much are you actually using? For instance, someone who's dealing with a fungal infection is probably going to squeeze more out of that applicator, acting a lot more liberally, than someone who just wants their nails to look nice and shiny. Sure, every bottle of high-quality gel is going to have usage suggestions on them, but that goes out of the window for most people once they start using the product. So the amount you use when applying each dose is important. If you want it to last longer, obviously you should use less.

How Much is in the Bottle

Another factor that has to be considered is just how much is in a bottle. Believe it or not, the cheaper stuff that doesn't work that well usually contains a lot more per volume. How else are they going to convince you to buy it? The stuff that actually works well will have a lot less in it. That's just how the market works. It's the same reason you can get multiple bags of unhealthy fast food for the same price as a healthy dinner. They need to market their products to you. So, cheaper stuff lasts you longer, but doesn't actually do anything.

How Good the Product Is

As touched on above, the good stuff is going to have less volume, though it's also going to last you longer. The reason is that you're going to start using more and more of the cheaper stuff, hoping for results. With the clinically proven formula, you will only have to use the dabs that are recommended, and you're going to achieve actual results. This means that this repair gel is going to end up lasting you much longer. Think about a bottle of cheap shampoo that doesn't clean well and how much you end up using.

The bottom line here is that you should always seek out a repair gel that works. It's going to last you plenty long enough to help strengthen your nails and get rid of fungus. Nail repair is the important aspect here.