Why You Should Get Physical Therapy Following an Accident

Most people get involved in car accidents over their lifetimes, with most cases being minor accidents that lead to no injuries that may require medical attention. What most people don't realize, however, is that you should always go see a doctor after an auto accident, even a minor one.  

Not All Injuries are Immediately Evident

One of the main reasons you should see a physician after an accident is because some injuries or symptoms may appear later, many days or even weeks after the incident. This is especially the case with soft tissue injuries like sprains, contusions, and strains.

Whiplash is common in even minor fender benders, and you may not start to feel the ill effects for a few weeks. The best thing you could do immediately after an accident is to allow the medics on the scene to check you out then follow up with your primary care physician or other specialists.  

You May Require Physical Therapy

In the aftermath of more severe accidents, undergoing physical therapy can help you recover faster. Physical therapy can help you regain the lost bodily functions and prevent long-term damage to the body.

In the days and weeks following the accident, you may experience weakness, which might be a tell-tale sign of secondary injuries caused by not receiving the proper treatment. Physical therapy can strengthen the body and make it easier for you to avoid secondary injuries.  

After an accident, you may be in a lot of pain. Undergoing physical therapy will help reduce your reliance on painkillers. With help from an experienced physical therapist, your body will naturally become stronger, decreasing pain levels and making you less dependent on pain medication.

Also, physical therapy can offer a big boost to your mental health and motivation, which can significantly aid in your recovery.  

Physical Therapy Can Help Your Case

Because you may need to regularly undergo therapy, there will be a record of your injuries and your progress. The record can serve as evidence for a personal injury case against the person or entity that caused your injuries or against their insurers. Depending on the circumstance of the accident and the severity of your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation if the other driver was at fault.

But a court will want to see clear evidence of your injuries. By undergoing physical therapy, you will have all the needed documentation from your doctors, nurses, and therapists that can help you win your case.  

Besides, you might not be fully recovered before your case is over. So, you may need to ask the court for access to a cash advance for your care.  Undergoing physical therapy can help establish how much care you may need in the upcoming months.

Physical therapy will also help show the courts that your reported injuries are legitimate. The other side might argue that you are faking the severity of your injuries. A record of physical therapy can dispel those claims. 


If you have been involved in a serious car accident, getting medical attention right away is essential. Getting immediate medical care and undergoing physical therapy will not only help you to recover faster but also help you prove a personal injury case if you ever decide to file one.