4 Ways Vaccines May Affect You After Having One

The side effects of vaccination constitute a heavily debated issue. This is discussed a lot more now that the we’re in the midst of a global pandemic, and a vaccine is being propose as the best solution. There's no doubt that it’s an important topic in today’s world, and one which warrants proper evaluation.

There is valid information which suggests that vaccination does sometimes lead to harmful side-effects. Although these cases are quite rare, they do happen. Such cases are often reported as flu shot injury or unexpected illness.

  1. Headache

A common side effect of vaccination is a headache, usually triggered by chemical substances that react with the brain. Although many doctors recommend taking vitamins or supplements that contain vitamin C before and after vaccination, there’s no sufficient proof that these are beneficial. 

In order to decrease the potential of developing a headache due to a vaccine, you should completely avoid using the vaccine altogether. However, if you must get the vaccine then the best advice would be to follow the directions given for use. The manufacturer’s instructions will indicate what is supposed to happen to you when the vaccination is given. Theoretically, if you follow the instructions then you should be fine; however, this is a distant second in preventing any side effects to simply not getting it.

  1. Mild Fever

Another common side effect of vaccination is experiencing a mild fever. This symptom usually develops right after injection, lasts for about a week and is typically gone within two weeks. It is especially dangerous if the vaccine is administered to a baby since it can cause significant harm, and can sometimes be fatal. While the fever is often only mild, there are cases in which the symptoms are severe, leading to effects such as bleeding in the nose or throat.

While mild fever is usually short-term, it may persist for months or even years after the vaccination has been administered. In addition, some people are allergic to some types of vaccines and will experience a reaction when they receive their next dose.

  1. Seizures or Convulsions

Among the most serious side effects of vaccination that have people worried are seizures and convulsions. These symptoms are mostly linked to measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines. In addition to seizures and convulsions, other serious side effects that these vaccines might lead to are a coma, hearing loss, paralysis, and - in extreme cases - death.  Due to these adverse effects, many parents have opted for their children not to get these vaccines, which has caused a spike in the number of children with these infections.

These vaccines are given to children as infants, at least one year before they can attend school. At the age of six months, children should receive a dose of a vaccine to safeguard them from rubella, mumps, and measles. By the age of nine months, children should receive their second dose of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine, which is the Gardasil vaccine. However, more research is needed into how the scientific community can nullify the adverse effects as quickly as possible.

  1. Death

Another possible side effect of a vaccine is death. This can occur as a result of complications related to the vaccine or even an allergic reaction. If you want to avoid such complications, it’s important that you always follow the instructions to the letter and never skip the doses. Whatever about the vaccine itself, if you deviate from the instructions given then you’re putting yourself at risk. If any of the above do show face, it’s very important that you contact your doctor immediately. They can provide you with information on how to reduce the risk of it getting any worse. They also can inform you about other possible side effects of vaccines, and where to get more information.

Most vaccines aren’t life-threatening. However, if your body had an adverse reaction to the vaccine and you don’t seek medical attention, you are putting your life in jeopardy.


The possibility of adverse side effects of vaccinations has caused concern great concern. This is because people aren’t aware of the possible consequences that vaccination might have on your overall wellbeing. The coronavirus has sparked its own line of controversy, in that it actually alters your DNA. Many have taken issue with this fact, as it bears a strong resemblance to the techniques used in GMOs.
If you didn’t know some of the negative side effects of immunization, hopefully this will encourage you to do some research of your own, and make an informed decision.