Can I Use My Wheelchair as a Walker

Getting older is something that everyone does, whether you want to or not. There are some benefits to getting older, you have a lot of experience and knowledge, often gained the hard way. This can be useful in navigating life and helping younger people. It’s likely that this is where the phrase ‘age equals wisdom’ comes from.

But, there are also plenty of negatives to ageing, especially when your health starts to deteriorate. In many cases limbs become stiffer and it can be difficult to be as mobile as you once were. In fact, it’s estimated that 18% of the population has a disability. That number is set to increase as people live for longer.

The simple answer to the question of using a wheelchair as a walker is yes, it is possible to do. But, it isn’t advisable. Instead, you should decide which you really need or have both at your disposal. It’s easier than you think when you get affordable aids through a dedicated specialist such as NDIS consumables.

The Difference Between A Walker And A Wheelchair

Walkers are generally used when you have stiff or painful legs but they generally work okay. The walker is designed to give you a little more support than a cane would. They can also help to alleviate pressure from your legs and help to ensure you remain balanced.

They are especially useful if you are recovering from an operation or are dealing with an illness which is affecting your mobility levels. Specific examples include:

  • When you have vertigo or a similar balancing disorder
  • As arthritis develops especially in hips and knees

In contrast, a wheelchair is designed for someone that has problems with their legs. This means you’re likely to have high pain levels even when walking with a walker. A wheelchair can also be the best choice if you develop a fear of falling or you want to avoid injuring yourself again. It can also be a good idea to transition to a wheelchair if you are struggling to walk for long periods of time;

Of course, a wheelchair is the only option if your legs are no longer working properly, whether due to an injury or illness.

It’s important to note that a wheelchair is a valuable aid and improves your ability to be independent. That means a higher quality of life and that is what is important as you age. 

Why You Shouldn’t Use A Wheelchair As A Walker

Although it is theoretically possible to use a wheelchair as a walker, you need to remember that a wheelchair is designed to roll. That means it could pull away from you, causing you to move too fast and stumble or to simply lose your balance e while standing.

For that reason, it is better to use a walker if that’s all you need.

Don’t forget, if you see your doctor and they deem a walker or wheelchair a necessity you can get financial help.