How Private Health Insurance Is a Wise Idea to Preserve Your Health and Wealth

You have the reputation of a stubborn bloke who trusts his own judgement, who often gets the big calls right. You have your own business and a place on the committee at your local footy club, using your influence to bring finances which have led to success.

You knew that you were healthy and thought that nothing could go wrong. This despite friends in the business world advising you to take certain measures as you got older. Sadly, accidents don’t listen to bloody mindedness, as you now realise lying on a hospital bed in agony having tripped down the grandstand steps and broken your tib and fib while dislocating your ankle. How you wish you had listened and taken out private health insurance.

The verdict is that surgery and at least a week in hospital, as pins and a plate will have to be inserted into your damaged leg. This will be very painful both to your body and your wallet.

You remember hearing that if you had taken out insurance with non for profit insurers you could also be helping the local community that you love so much as any excess money is reinvested in local industry while providing an excellent service, competitive rates and a many benefits.

You would have made further financial savings when taking out private health cover with your provincial firm. You could have avoided paying government loadings and surcharges with the administration having two initiatives: Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading and Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS).

Your ambulance and paramedic costs would have been covered instead of blowing a hole in your bank account. Your injury would have been guaranteed to be dealt with in the quickest possible time will lead to a shorter recovery time.

You would be back running your company on site and able to be climbing those grandstand steps before the end of the season rather than having to have a special area at pitch level. Awful for someone who hates fuss and even worse when you receive barracking recommending that while you think you’re a comedian, you’d have been legible for special schemes if you were a public performer. Another wise guy suggests 7 tips for improving your eyesight to you.

Aside from your current setback there are other great reasons to invest in private health insurance, like the peace of mind that if you should pull a muscle, break a tooth, or your eyesight deteriorates there is no problem as you are covered when booking appointments with physiotherapists, chiropractors, dentists, or opticians.

You would immediately be offered a wider choice of which hospital you wish to be treated at, which will lead to a more convenient and comfortable convalescence period for you and your numerous visitors. With your feet up you might want to think about taking your team to team bonding night out at the local track.

It’s time to open your mind and speak to the experts who offer private health insurance to enjoy continued health, wealth, and peace of mind.