Healthier, More Alert, More Productive

For many people, getting into shape is perceived as an isolated pursuit and not something that requires them to change their whole way of life. In other words, these people will look at ways in which they can improve their health; by running on a treadmill a couple of times a week and see that as enough. Or they will hope to get slimmer just by cutting a few simple carbs out of their diet – not seeing these as interconnected matters.

Likewise those same people will often approach their other life goals in a similarly isolated fashion. They will plan to be more productive and advance their careers by reading books and by putting in extra time at work alone – not considering how their home life factors into all this.

Often though these things fall through and those people don't achieve quite the goals the want to. They start with good intentions, but eventually they end up getting over tired or generally wear out before they are finished. The problem is simply that they're trying to improve one aspect of their behaviour without looking at the rest. As a result they might be trying to get into shape when they are generally unhappy, over worked and not eating correctly – which just won't work. If you really want to improve your health you should improve your time management and productivity, and by the same token you need to be healthy, energetic and well organized if you want to be more productive at work – it's all connected.

Holistic Changes

Change begets change then, and likewise our body, mind and lifestyle are linked in such a way that you can't really change one thing without the rest changing as well. If you want to improve your health, your finance and your relationships then you need to give it all that overhaul so that you are generally in a good place for improvement.

Here are some tips to help you start on your way:

Clear the Space Around You: First of all you should make sure that you have a clear space around you – throw anything out that you don't use regularly and that isn't sentimental. Likewise generally minimize your clutter by putting things in organized boxes and creating good systems to help you stay tidy. You'll find you end up with a lot more mental space, a lot more time on your hands, and a lot more physical space for your training.

Regulate Your Sleep Wake Cycles: If you are currently all over the place in terms of your body clock then you should change that so that you have a stricter schedule on week days. Wake up early so you have time to work and come round in the morning and go to sleep with enough time to get a full eight hours so you're refreshed tomorrow.

Have Some 'You' Time: Schedule yourself in some time that is going to be 'your' time. This is important because otherwise you will end up distracted and wanting to do other things.

Eat Healthier: Eating healthily will give you more energy and help you stay fresher during the day. Here are some quick changes to help you eat better: remove the sugar from your tea , don't use salt in your cooking, stop drinking fizzy drinks and take the butter off your toast. Now make sure you drink five pints of water a day, and eat lots of fiber and at least one apple.

Do Your Workout Early: Train first thing in the morning so it's out of the way as this will also help you to be more alert and switched on throughout the day.

Adopt an Awards System: When it comes to taking breaks from working you should adopt an awards system. Any activity that isn't work is a 'reward' and you're only allowed one at the time. So from now on you can't check your e-mail until you've done a certain amount of work in order to earn that activity. And goes the same for getting up to get a cup of tea or to 'see how Dave's doing' as well as doing things like checking Facebook.

These are all small changes to make but they address elements of your life across the board. You'll find very soon that this starts to give you more energy and focus in every area of your life and that you start seeing returns that snowball over time.

Pauly Singh works as a fitness trainer in a leading fitness centre. He likes to write on weight loss and fitness. He has come up with a blog with elliptical reviews to make folks aware of the best elliptical machines in the market.