Top 6 Weight Loss Myths

With more number of obese people in the world, thanks to a sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet, people are desperately looking for measures to lose weight. With almost everyone using their own common sense into the matter, the world is filled with thousands of ways to reduce weight as well as some myths.

Some common myths which are prevalent in the weight loss circle are

Myth 1. Eat Less To Lose Weight

Although it sounds quite sensible that if you eat less your body will ultimately burn the deposited fat in order to provide energy and hence the fat loss. It however derives your body of required nutrition and may lead to health problems. It is instead suggested to eat a proper nutritious diet which contain fewer amounts of calories and combine it with proper workout. Some fitness experts even suggest that one may eat as much food as desired however steering clear of unhealthy fat and burn out the excess calories through aerobics.

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Myth 2. Fad Diet Helps In Losing Weight

No doubt many people use fad diets for fast weight loss including celebrities who need to lose some weight for a movie. But as fast as one loses weight through these methods, the same is gained in an equally fast time and hence is also known as yo-yo dieting. Also fad diets devoid your body of essential nutrients and can lead to health complications. Instead of falling for a fad diet, create a fitness regime and include aerobics and food with proper nutritional content.

Myth 3. Skipping Meals Can Reduce Weight

Skipping a meal can lead to weight gain instead of weight loss. It turns out that people who skip one meal overeat when they have food later on, this ultimately results in weight gain instead of weight loss. Having many small course of meal is the ideal way to weight loss.

Myth 4. Genetics Determine If You Will Be Fat Or Thin

Although it is true that you will tend to have a body structure similar to your parents and grandparents, it is not compulsory and one can easily avoid being overweight by following an active lifestyle with a healthy diet.

Myth 5. Crunches Alone Will Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Although many products claim the same and come up with great and innovative ways to perform crunches, it however is not effective in reducing fat if not combined with aerobic exercises and diet control. No doubt crunches work out your abs region and tighten up as well as define your abs muscles, they however cannot burn a significant amount of fat in the belly region and hence need to be combined with other fat burning techniques.

Myth 6. Herbal Weight Loss Products Are Safe

Herbal products don’t necessarily mean that they are safe as there is a good chance that it hasn’t been tested. For instance there are herbal products which contain ‘Ephedra’ can cause serious health problems and may be fatal. Hence it is best to check with a registered practitioner before trying any product for weight loss.

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