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Different Careers in Radiology

Are you enamored with the groundbreaking technology used in the medical field? Then you might want to consider turning that interest into your career. And one of the best options out there is radiology. Radiology basically encompasses things like the MRI and the x-ray, medical imaging techniques that give doctors the tools to diagnose diseases and ailments. Radiology technology can even be used... ❯❯❯

5 Signs of Menopause for Women

Regardless of the amount of exercise you incorporate in your life and the healthy balance of your diet, no matter the amount of plastic surgery you undertake or the spiritual journeys you attempt, aging in inescapable. It’s a natural part of life, and thanks to modern medicine, more and more people in every generation experience life at an advanced age. Because of that, menopause has become a... ❯❯❯

5 Benefits of Attending a Health and Wellness Retreat

Regardless of the plentiful resources right at your fingertips, modern society isn’t built with your health and wellness in mind. Sure, there are gyms with qualified personal trainers in every town, supermarkets that now stock organic foods, healthy options for every type of meal and a myriad of classes, courses and mobile apps to help you meet your health goals. But most people are too busy to... ❯❯❯

5 Tips for Helping Someone Who Is Having a Seizure

Your first step in helping someone who is having a seizure is to remain calm. It might be terrifying to witness at first, but remaining calm, collected and prepared might save that person’s life. There are a number of reasons why someone might be having a seizure, but the most common is a condition called epilepsy. There is a surprising percentage of the population with epilepsy and at least 10%... ❯❯❯

7 Things Your Midwife Might Not Tell You about Being Pregnant

Snoring, strange smells, big feet… Midwifes will tell you about some pregnancy symptoms during your antenatal appointments but there are certain things expecting women usually only discover first hand! 1. Pregnant women smell different! The changes going on within our bodies and hormones can cause us to smell more musky or ‘earthy’ when we’re pregnant. The smell is emitted in our sweat and... ❯❯❯

What to Take to the Gym

If you’ve just joined a gym in an attempt to improve your health and get fitter, firstly: congratulations! You’ve made an excellent decision and a very positive step towards a new, healthy you. Gyms are the perfect place to kick-start your health regime, whether you’re in the Sussex countryside or the heart of central London. Wherever you are and whichever gym you’ve chosen, there are some... ❯❯❯

Coming to Grips With the US Health Care System

To an outsider the health care system in the US can appear bewildering. Unlike other countries, there is no policy of social medicine or a National Health Service open to all.  In order to get treatment, a patient needs to have some form of health insurance in place or be able to meet the costs of their care out of their own pockets. Aspects of Care Emergency Room: The majority of hospitals... ❯❯❯

5 Common Weight Loss Myths Exposed

It seems that every other day you hear about another weight loss trick. However, most of these tricks are flat out heresy, propagated by harebrained fitness fanatics trying to promote their latest book. This is unfortunate, because people are actually trying to lose weight – not only because they want to look better, but because it will actually save their lives. Obesity is a serious problem and... ❯❯❯

Healthy Living: 5 Ways to Improve Air Quality in Your Home

If you have a family, you probably make a ton of decisions focused on improving their health and wellness. These are the most important people in your life, so it makes sense to look for options that create vitality and protect the environment. Perhaps you only buy organic foods, and bath and shower products made from natural, plant-based materials. You focus on exercise, and create opportunities... ❯❯❯

LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Explained

Intralase LASIK Laser eye surgery is a procedure designed to correct short sightedness (myopia), long sightedness (hypermetropia) and astigmatism. A form of refractive surgery, the improvement is achieved by reshaping the eye’s cornea to improve visual acuity, providing a permanent alternative to glasses and contact lenses. After 20 years of technical improvements, the procedure has now become a... ❯❯❯